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Cyanotype Kit - by Emily Rose Parris at The Darkroom at Beach Creative


What does this kit cover?
This comprehensive kit provides you with everything you need to begin your cyanotype journey. You will learn how to mix the cyanotype chemicals, coat the paper using the cyanotype mixture and expose your own cyanotype prints.

What’s inside?
-Pre-measured Cyanotype Chemicals
-1 pair of Latex-Free Gloves
-15x A5 Cartridge Paper
-1x Foam Brush
-1x Water Measuring Cup
-1x Light Proof Bag
-‘How to Coat’ Guide
-‘How to Print’ Guide
-About The Darkroom
-Top Tips & Safety Information

Recommended for age 6+ with adult supervision.
The ‘Stage 2’ in this kit is suitable for all ages.

‘How to’ video

What is a cyanotype?
A cyanotype is a camera-less photographic printing process that produces a cyan-blue print. Discovered by Sir John Herschel in 1841 and made famous by Kent based scientist Anna Atkins in her book titled ‘Photographs of British Algae: Cyanotype Impressions’ in 1843.

How many prints will this kit make?
The chemicals mix up to 50ml total. There are 15 sheets of A5 paper included, but you will find your chemicals will stretch much further than this! You can coat any acid-free paper or fabric with your cyanotype solution, get creative! If you'd like any advice or for me to supply extra paper for an additional cost then feel free to contact me.


Despatch times:

I will endevour to dispatch your order within 2-4 days. All orders are delivered using Evri and a tracking code will be provided.


Who made this kit?
This cyanotype kit has been hand designed and crafted by Emily Parris at The Darkroom at Beach Creative at Beach Creative CIC, Herne Bay.
Where possible, the packaging has been designed to be as eco-friendly & reusable as possible. If you’d like to donate the box & canisters back to The Darkroom at Beach Creative feel free to get in touch.

Gift wrapping:
If you’re ordering as a gift, I’m more than happy to gift wrap in tissue paper. Just mark your item as a gift and add a gift note!

All of my packaging is plastic free, including the tape used to wrap your parcel.

**Please note: Product aesthetics may vary due to external supplier availability. The kit will always be supplied with the same contents**

Social Media: @thedarkroombc

The Full Cyanotype Kit - free postage

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