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These two sessions will introduce you to both the theory and practical side of digital photography. Starting with the basics, you will begin to understand the 3 pillars of photography:

  • Shutter speed
  • Aperture
  • ISO (sensor sensitivity)

and how these three factors can alter the image captured.


Session 1:

To begin this session, we will spend some time inspecting the camera to get you feeling comfortable and confident. Starting at a beginners level - we will look at the 3 pillars of photography - shutter speed, ISO & aperture. You will switch your camera to Manual mode (M) and begin to explore altering 'the 3 pillars' on your camera to visually & practically develop your understanding of how to control the light using these settings. You will have a worksheet that focuses on altering the shutter speed to create motion blur & static images. 


Session 2:

In this second session, we will revise the content from session 1 and begin to imbed the knowledge through further practical investigations and experimentations. 


How long do each sessions last?

1 hour long. They work best with a couple of weeks between each session to allow you time to practise.


Who is this session suitable for?

This session is best suitable for beginners up.


What is provided?

A worksheet exploring the content in both sessions

Inspirational material, such as photographers to explore & documentaries sent straight to your email


What do I need to bring?

If you own a camera already, please bring along a fully charged digital camera with memory card. If you do not own a camera, I can also supply a digital camera during the session. Please get in touch to discuss this.



What if I want more than 2 sessions?

Just get in touch and we can arrange a continuation based on your personal progression.


How do I book?

Payments are accepted in full directly through this website. Add the workshop(s) to your cart and choose your payment option. If you prefer to pay cash, please contact me to discuss. Please note the cancellation policy found here


How do I arrange my workshop?

We will arrange you workshops via email. Please note that your appointments are only confirmed when paid in full ahead of your sessions.

Digital Camera Knowledge for beginners (2 sessions)

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