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The Sustainable Darkroom

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

What is the sustainable darkroom?

The Sustainable Darkroom is an artist run research, training and mutual learning programme, to equip cultural practitioners with new skills and knowledge to develop an environmentally friendly photographic darkroom practice.

Taking its form in publications, residencies, workshops, talks, symposiums and training sessions. 'We intend to lead a movement in challenging the environmental impact and sustainability of darkroom practices.'

Founded by Hannah Fletcher and now run by Hannah Fletcher, Ed Carr, Alice Cazenave and Eileen White. [text source: ]

Founded by Hannah Fletcher, the Sustainable Darkroom is a worldwide artist-led movement led in conjunction with Ed Carr and Alice Cazenave Its central aim is to transform our approach to photographic materials, and their historically unsustainable nature. From toxic chemicals, to silver particles and beyond - photography and eco-friendly seem at hopeless odds. But we provide education, research, and arts opportunities to promote and develop sustainable alternatives to analogue photography.

Already, members of the movement have pioneered green alternatives set to revolutionise the medium. From developers made out of seaweed, to plant-based gelatin alternatives, or reclaiming silver from fixative through electrolysis - the Sustainable Darkroom is leading the charge on eco-conscious photography.

Follow their progress:

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