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In this hands on 2 hour workshop you will print from your negatives and develop them using an eco-friendly home made solution called 'cafenol developer'.


This is a private workshop where you can work at your own pace.


What is eco negative printing?

In this session you will learn how to develop your prints using the cafenol process - a DIY developer created by mixing coffee, vitamin C and washing soda. This workshop is aimed at those who have in interest in creating art in an environmentally conscious way. The outcome take on the rich colour of coffee, resulting in a sepia toned image. The results may vary due to its experimental nature, so I recommend keeping an open mind.


Who is this workshop suitable for?

This workshop is suitable for all levels of experience. You might be a complete beginner, or even just looking for a refresher! You will be taught how to enlarge your negatives and how to use all the equipment.


What do I need to bring?

You will need to bring some B&W negatives.


How do I book?

Payments are accepted in full directly through this website. Add the workshop(s) to your cart and choose your payment option. Please note the cancellation policy found here


How do I arrange my workshop?

Once you've booked, Emily will be in touch to arrange your workshop(s). If you do not hear from me within a couple of day please get in touch. I'm a one person team.

Eco Negative Printing

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