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In this 2 hour 1:1 workshop you will learn how to:

  • measure & mix cyanotype chemicals
  • prepare paper and fabric with cyanotype chemicals
  • creating cyanotype prints by experimenting with a variety of objects & typography to create a blue & white silhouette image.


What is a cyanotype print?
A cyanotype print is one of the earliest forms of photography, dating back to the 1800's and before the invention of cameras! It is a cameraless printing technique, using ultraviolet sensitive chemicals, UV light rays & objects to create a contact print.


Who is this workshop suitable for?

This workshop is suitable for all levels of experience. You might be a complete beginner, or even just looking for a refresher!


What is provided?

all materials and equipment are provided for this workshop. You will also be supplied with a worksheet to take home after the session.


What do I need to bring?

All materials are supplied, however if you would like to bring a selection of objects to experiment with then feel free!  If the weather is suitable, we will use the sun as our UV light source. If the weather is poor, we will use a UV light box.


lace/textured fabric
stencils/cut outs


How do I book?

Payments are accepted in full directly through this website. Add the workshop(s) to your cart and choose your payment option. Please note the cancellation policy found here


How do I arrange my workshop?

Once you've booked, Emily will be in touch to arrange your workshop(s). If you do not hear from me within a couple of day please get in touch. I'm a one person team.

Cyanotype Coating & Printing

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