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In this 1 hour camera knowledge workshop you will learn how to use an analogue camera. To begin you will be introduced to the basic functions of the camera & how to load a roll of film. We will then embark on a walk around Herne Bay to take photographs. 


Who is this session suitable for?

This session is best suitable for beginners up - tag it on to the start of your negative developing workshop to learn how to develop your film afterwards.


What is provided?

An analogue camera (feel free to bring your own if you'd prefer to learn about your own kit)

1x Ilford HP5 film


What do I need to bring?

An analogue camera. If you do not own one, I can provide one for the duration of the workshop.


Please note: developing is not included within this workshop and should be added on separately.


How do I book?

Payments are accepted in full directly through this website. Add the workshop(s) to your cart and choose your payment option. Please note the cancellation policy found here


How do I arrange my workshop?

Once you've booked, Emily will be in touch to arrange your workshop(s). If you do not hear from me within a couple of day please get in touch. I'm a one person team.


Analogue Camera Knowledge (Photo walk)

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